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About Us, | Ferreira`s Meat Products | cold meat sausages products deli butchery russians...

Ferreira's Meat Products was established in 2009, and is a proud supplier to Restaurants, Hotels, and many more . Under the guidance and supervision of leaders in the cold meat manufacturing field, we had the vision of creating a superb German quality cold meat for domestic use.  From humble beginnings we have established our cold meat in the market as innovators and leaders. The company,  is situated in the Tannery Industrial Park in Silverton.  

Our manufactured cold meat products are highly sought after by day to day consumers, retailers and members of the hospitality industry.

For FMP's discerning customers we offer a wide range of premium quality  cold meat, and cooked meat products. The quality of ingredients used reflects on the great taste and value for money in return representing FMP in everything we stand for as a cold meat company.

FMP will not compromise on the quality of cold meats. Our Sausage range is produced from fresh, prime muscle, minced and blended with a traditional seasoning to create a range of homemade sausages.

For this range of cold meat products FMP has sourced only the highest quality foods from specialist suppliers; experts in their own fields. All cold meats in our range are produced using the best raw materials to ensure the highest standard is maintained throughout the offering.


Our mission is to provide all our customers with cold meats, and  service that deliver tradition. Taste flavour and quality is at  the heart  of the FMP business. We love making cold meat, and you will love the unique flavours of it. Come visit us for a cold meat sensation, experienced like never before!